Our Services



  • Individual counseling for adults from a clinical and/or psycho-spiritual perspective
    • Psycho-emotional issues like burnout, low self-esteem, depression, shame, anger
    • Addictive issues like drinking and gambling, pornography and sex
  • Marital and family therapy
    • Marital issues like conflicts over lack of communication, money, in-laws, sex
    • Family issues like parenting, abuse and violence, family-of-origin
  • Pastoral/missionary (member) care and debriefing
    • Psychological/personality assessments for missionary/pastoral candidacy
    • Interview, debriefing and writing of report to missionary/church organization
  • Psychological (personality) assessments
    • Diagnostic tools include the 16PF, TJTA, DISC, MBTI, FIRO-B, Prepare& Enrich
    • Interpretation and implication of the results of the use of the tool(s)

Coaching (Teaching & Training):

Consulting (Supervision & Spiritual Direction)

  • Marriage preparation course and marriage enrichment talks, seminars, workshops and retreats
    • Marriage prep course covering the foundational pillars of marriage
    • Marriage enrichment talks, seminars, retreats covering any aspect of marriage
  • Parenting (children and teens) talks, seminars and workshops
    • Parenting (children and teens) course covering the foundational pillars of parenting
    • Parenting talks on any aspect of parenting
  • Talks and seminars on psycho-emotional issues, ageing gracefully and “finishing well”
    • Talks and seminars on issues like burnout and depression, shame and guilt, fears and anxieties, grief and bereavement
    • Talks and seminars for seniors on how to finish well and age gracefully
  • Certification of the use of diagnostic tools like Prepare & Enrich, TJTA, DISC
    • One- or two-day certification training for the above assessments
    • Consultation and supervision for the use of the tools
  • Training on “being a skilled-helper” and helping people with psychological issues
    • Mastering the essential skills of being a people-helper (with role-plays and case-studies)
    • Training on helping individuals cope with psychological issues and couples with marital conflicts and crises
  • Personal and small group spiritual formation, spiritual direction and spiritual retreats
    • One-on-one or small group spiritual mentoring and spiritual direction
    • Small group quiet retreats for spiritual formation in spiritual retreat centers
  • Supervision (individual or group) of counseling cases and issues for counsellors and pastors
  • Small group mentoring and consultancy for pastors, missionaries and counsellors
  • Bible Land tours (Israel-Jordan, Turkey-Greece) “In the Footsteps of Jesus and Paul”