Who’s Next?

iPhone 3G Launch

This seems to be the BIG question on many minds: when Steve Jobs went on stage to launch the 3G phone at WWDC some years ago, everyone saw how lean he was on stage. Some even observed that his walk was a little wobbly. Notwithstanding, what would Apple be like without this great iconic-turn-around-tech-geek? Others are even speculating who could be a good fit to that CEO chair. Could it be Cook or Ive or Schiller or …?

Lim Chien Chong was purportedly to have began his search for a successor the day he took over as director of SYFC. He said, “We are dealing with young people, so we should always be in growth mode.” After 16 years, he finally stepped down and handed over the reins in January.

Leadership succession has always been critical in any organisation. If there’s none in place, especially in an organisation where only one person has helmed it for a long time, it’s going to be tough and rough. In most cases, the organisation may likely be left in shamble if the leader leaves suddenly. 

Succession planning needs humility; and reality checks are especially so for the current leader. Such planning has to be put in place a long time before the handing over takes place. And like any plan, it is a process that requires a systematic and objective approach. Most of all, it takes a servanthood attitude to ensure it happens.