Pandemic Musing

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused much distress to many. For us in the Christian community, one of the hardest-hit is the distancing rule and the inability to meet as faith-families in weekly worship services.

For the sake of the Christian community and the people we love as our neighbours, virtual gatherings and worship may seem acceptable so far. However, even introverts are finding it difficult not to meet with close friends after all these months.

Find solace in mental wellbeing.

I am not sure if you feel the same as I do, introverts or not, that virtual gatherings or worship services though meeting the needs somehow at a very difficult time, is just not the same. We can’t shake hands, no hugs or consoling greetings, no singing aloud, and most of all, no meeting people in persons for any extended time!

How do we restore such meaningful contacts and connections? How do we encourage one another to find solace in our mental wellbeing? How may we reach out in such ways as to build the trust and fellowship with one another in our community? 

I long to meet in person again, don’t you?

1 Feb 2021