How to say No! or when to say Yes!

 There’s a law against drivers who talk on their cell phones while driving here but the problem hasn’t gotten to crisis level yet. Unlike in countries where highways and expressways are norm, there had been just too many accidents caused by “cell phones distraction,” they call it. Far too many have been addicted to their gadgets, even while driving. There are also others who can’t help themselves. So technology companies try to solve the problem caused by technology…with more technology.

This is not the best and only solution. Technology can only do so much.

The solution has to be with ourselves: the users of technology.

This brings us to the whole issue of learning how to say NO! 

And at the same time, when to say YES! 

It has to be a wilful decision to be carried through with action. Knowing what we should do is not good enough. We should be able to do what we know. It should be a decisive action that brings that “should” into doing. Yet, for some, the excuse may be, “I don’t know how!” This is simply an excuse. Know-how can be learnt and that completes the cycle of knowing how to say No! and when to say Yes!

9 Feb 2021