Doing well by doing good

 It’s not as simple as to understand what capitalism really is. A definition says that it is an economic system marked by private ownership, in which a free market distributes goods. 

Several assumptions here: that private ownership is doing well; that the people in the system understands the concept of freedom; and finally, that the so-called free market actually distributes their goods and do so fairly and responsibly.

An interview with Bill Gates, one-time Founder and Chairman of Microsoft as well as one-time the wealthiest person on earth, yielded the wisdom of sharing for the common good. He talks about being the creative capitalist, whatever that really really means. Though it may not be immediately clear how that idea really works, one thing for sure is that at least someone is willing to try and set an example in helping others. This he does so by distributing what he earned from the free market to others who may be in need financially.

The point I believe that is important here is that of setting an example. Leadership is about walking the talk and about doing what one believes to be the right thing to do. Opponents would say, “He can do it because he has the money. And he should since he has it.” It really does not matter how much one has. It matters what one does with what he has that matters. All of us can do that and we don’t have to be as wealthy as Bill. We can be leaders too.

22 Feb 21