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 Nelson Mandela was a prisoner on Robben Island for almost 18 years. We have heard about how he fought for equal rights for his people with the apartheid government in South Africa. A little white card was posted outside his cell. It said, “N Mandela 466/64.” It meant: he was the 466th prisoner admitted to the island in 1964. Mandela was forty-six years old, a political prisoner with a life sentence, and that small cramped space was to be his home for almost 18 years.

That was history. South Africa is different today owing to people like him who dared to walk their talk. People who live out their beliefs. People who are not building ivory towers and dwelling only in dreams. Even for dreamers, dreams can only become reality when they wake up. People who do not just have theories but who test out and experiment their theories to make them work in real-life situations.

Many of us have dreams but they only exist in our sleep. Others have goals but goals that are only on paper. Perhaps, Nike makes some sense with their slogan. Let’s get cracking! When we aim at nothing, we will always hit it.

What’s your destiny in life?

4 Feb 2021

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