QuadC :

Care & Counselling, Coaching & Consulting

Care & Counselling focus on the inner well-being of a person, his or her desire and need for psycho-emotional healing and wholeness. People need a safe place to process all the troubled emotions, the changes and challenges, the stresses and distresses of life. We provide a haven of help, healing and hope – where lives are touched.

Coaching & Consulting focus on education and equipping a person in the soft skills of intra- and inter-personal relationships (understanding self and helping people) that enables him or her to develop his/her full potential. It employs various means like psychological assessments, clinical supervision, personal mentoring and spiritual direction – where people can flourish.

About Us

Profile of Dr Danny Goh

Managing Partner & Principal Therapist

Rev Dr Danny Goh is no stranger in the local and pastoral scene having been in the full-time vocational ministry for over 40 years. He served as missionary, staff-worker and pastor in a couple of churches (for 27 years) and as an associate professor in two seminaries (for 13 years). 

After receiving his theological training (BTh [Hons] and MABS), he furthered his education by specializing in marriage and family therapy, obtaining both an MA and PhD from Fuller Theological Seminary, School of Psychology. He is thus a familiar face in marital counselling, marriage enrichment retreats and family life (parent) education as well as talks and seminars on psycho-emotional issues. 

In addition, Dr Goh has keen interest in psychological and personality assessments (serving several missionary organizations in this for their candidates), in gender and sexuality issues, spiritual formation and direction, and in issues on ageing and “finishing well.” He enjoys teaching and expository preaching. 

A Personal Touch

On a personal note, I have been married for over 36 years, and together with my wife, we have two adult daughters (both recently married in 2019) and a grand fur-kid, Toby! We are waiting to be grandparents of a real grand-kid! Meanwhile, Toby has been quite a companion!

I am generally an outdoor person who loves nature and adventure. I recently traveled to various parts of Europe and did hikes and cycling in these places. Here back home, I hit the gym several times a week for weight and cycling workouts. I used to play badminton for some 45 years but had to quit when my knees gave way. In the Premier League, I am a fan of Arsenal Football Club.

On a quieter mode, I love reading and have accumulated quite a library! For relaxation, I watched movies with preference for those with a historical slant or based on true stories. Blockbusters are fine with me for the value of pure entertainment! Recently, I tried my hand of several 1000- or 1500-piece puzzles, quite a challenge but with several lessons as life often poses to be quite puzzling!

About Us

Profile of Dr Peter Poon

Consultant & Trainer
Rev Dr Peter Poon has served as youth worker, pastor, management consultant, adjunct lecturer as well as a trainer/facilitator with Walk Thru the Bible Ministry. He has been an ordained pastor of the Presbyterian Church which he served from 1981-2019. In 1976, he served full-time with Singapore Youth for Christ (SYFC) prior to his theological studies at Trinity Theological College. Ten years later, he obtained his MA in Communications at Wheaton Graduate School and returned to join Youth for Christ International as Communications Director before heading back to pastoral work at Prinsep Street Presbyterian Church and Living Praise Presbyterian Church. From 2001 he took up the appointment at Orchard Road Presbyterian Church as Director of Christian Education. While at ORPC, he was seconded on a honorary and part-time basis with WorldTeach SE Asia/Pacific (Walk Thru the Bible Ministries) as its National Director and eventually as the Regional Director for Training.

Throughout his tenure in Christian pastoral ministry, he was also involved in training and management consultancy (Ephod Consulting) work with companies and corporations. In this regard, his specialty is in mentoring and coaching of emerging leaders. Dr Poon had served as Adjunct lecturer at NTU in Entrepreneurship and Leadership and at SBC in Church Growth.

Under Equip (John Maxwell’s Leadership), Dr Poon has been conducting leadership training particularly with the Million Leader Mandate programme. He was also one of the founding members of Church Resource Ministry in Singapore, an organisation focused on training and equipping leaders to finish well in life and ministry.

Since 1989, he has also led numerous study tours to the Holy Land. Whenever there’s a need or request he also conducts spirituality retreats.

Dr Poon, together with Helena, have three grown children and four grandchildren. He is an avid reader and has particular interest in all things digital. He also enjoys leisure photography, the outdoor, leisure trekking, bird-watching and traveling. One thing that he’d long to do … to get on a Harley Davidson again! 

The Story of QuadC

My Vocation and Vision

The year 2019 was both special and significant for me. I turned 65 – but more importantly, celebrated 50 years of God’s grace and goodness as a child of His (I became a Christian in 1969). I journeyed as His servant and steward for 40 years in full-time vocational ministry (since 1979) as a pastor, teacher and counsellor in two institutions (the church and seminary). 

And the highlight – as a father for 30 years – I could finally “hand over” my two girls to my two sons-in-law and help them fulfil the biblical mandate of “leaving, cleaving and becoming one.” One got married in July and the other in August. It was, to me, most gratifying to see them grow into mature adults with good education and vocation. They were, and are (and probably, shall always be) my joy and my pride! 

2019 was also the year of my “retirement” from full-time vocational ministry (though as many of you know – there is no such thing as retiring from one’s calling nor from who we are). I wanted to be fully freelance but decided to transit into part-time in the church I served as there was still a need and a niche. It also afforded me some time to think and pray and prepare myself for a full transition in 2021. 

four person playing kite on grass field

One main burden or concern is for fellow (and younger) pastors, missionaries and counsellors. Having walked this journey with all its stresses, struggles and setbacks, hazards and heartaches, I reckon I am in a good position to minister and mentor such people. My training in both theology and psychology (and great interest in spirituality) will “add value” to this desire. 

As a trained clinician (marriage and family therapist) I have often been asked by many to help in the marital difficulties and crises of family or friends as well as church members. People need a safe person and place to process all the changes and challenges, the troubled emotions, the stresses and distresses of life. My desire has always been, to be an instrument of help, healing and hope.

As a family life educator (with a PhD in Marriage & Family Studies) I am ever ready to do workshops and seminars or retreats on any area on marriage and the family (parenting). Prevention through education and enrichment are just as important as intervention; it builds resilience and enables one to survive and thrive through the vicissitudes (stages and seasons) of life.

In the recent years, my season in life (or life-stage as a senior) has also led to a surge in interest in ministering to the older folks. I have been reading a lot, organizing as well as speaking on the issues of ageing. Thus, I am also happy to teach and facilitate (together with others) on the areas of “finishing well, ageing gracefully and living fruitfully.” 


In the barrenness of the busy life or the tyranny of the urgent, many are left with a sense of tiredness, dryness and emptiness. My interest and integration of theology, psychology and spirituality has led me to explore ways in which we can go deeper in our walk with God and live life at a slower and more contemplative pace. A good platform for this to conduct spiritual retreats, both for spiritual formation and spiritual direction. 

Another platform for spiritual formation is taking a trip to the Holy Land (Israel-Jordan, Turkey-Greece). It’s nothing like walking in the footsteps of Christ and the apostle Paul – the two greatest figures in the Bible which we will have to “confront” constantly or consistently when we study the New Testament. 

Last, but not the least, it has always been my joy and satisfaction to preach expository sermons and do church camps or retreats. The Word of God is sharper than any two-edged sword.

The setting up of QuadC is to fulfill the above vocation (calling) and vision (passion).

Danny Goh