Where lives are touched and people flourish

QuadC :

Care & Counselling, Coaching & Consulting

Care & Counselling focus on the inner well-being of a person, his or her desire and need for psycho-emotional healing and wholeness. People need a safe place to process all the troubled emotions, the changes and challenges, the stresses and distresses of life. We provide a haven of help, healing and hope – where lives are touched.

Coaching & Consulting focus on education and equipping a person in the soft skills of intra- and inter-personal relationships (understanding self and helping people) and leadership development that enables him or her to develop his/her full potential. It employs various means like seminars and workshops, diagnostic tools and psychological assessments, leadership training and coaching, clinical supervision, personal mentoring and spiritual direction – where people can flourish.

Services & Ministries

Where we can help, what we can do.


  • Member (Missionary) & Pastoral Care
  • Personal & Professional Development
  • Psychological Assessments (16PF, TJTA, Prepare&Enrich, DISCAsiaPlus, MBTI, FIRO-B).


  • Individual, Marital & Family Therapy
  • Personality & Psychological Issues

Coaching (Teaching & Training):

  • Certification of the Use of Diagnostic Tools
  • Talks, Seminars & Workshops on Marital & Family, Psycho-emotional & Aging Issues 
  • Marriage Preparation & Enrichment

Consulting (Supervision & Spiritual Direction)

  • Individual & Group Supervision
  • Mentoring & Spiritual Direction for Pastors & Missionaries


  • Expository Preaching & Teaching
  • Spiritual Retreats
  • Bible Land Tours to Israel & Jordan, Turkey & Greece.

Latest Reflections

Your Body Matters: The Spirituality of Physicality

I have been a member of a gym for some twelve years. It has 18 outlets/clubs all over our little island. I have been to nearly every one of these, according to my availability and convenience, to where I am and what is being offered (the group classes). I must…

Parenting as Discipleship

The title of this Reflection may surprise some, especially parents. You may be wondering, “what on earth has parenting to do with discipleship?“ We often associate discipleship with the Navigators, Campus Crusade or IDMC (Intentional Disciple-making Church), or think of it in terms of an older, mature Christian mentoring younger…

The Grace of God in Mid-life/Later-life Marriages

The “empty nest” syndrome is something that many of us are going through or will be going through in due time (sooner than you imagine!). It is that time when the child leaves home or no longer needs the parents as much (except when they run out of money and/or…

Pride & Low Self-esteem (III): A Psycho-spiritual Perspective

What is Self-Esteem? Self-esteem a complex idea, involving a global evaluation or judgment of one’s personal acceptability and worthiness to be loved, which carries with it pleasant or unpleasant feelings. It is strongly related to perceived views of the person by important others in his or her life. It is…

Pride & Low Self-esteem (II): A Psychological Perspective

In the previous reflection, we attempted to get to the root of human problem by looking at both pride and low self-esteem. From a scriptural perspective, most of us would veer towards stating it as the problem of sin and pride. From a psychological perspective, however, most from the helping…


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This seems to be the BIG question on many minds: when Steve Jobs went on stage to launch the 3G…

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 This is a tricky question. It depends on who you ask. It’s tricky because different people have different opinions or…

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 It’s not as simple as to understand what capitalism really is. A definition says that it is an economic system…

How to say No! or when to say Yes!

 There’s a law against drivers who talk on their cell phones while driving here but the problem hasn’t gotten to…


Feedback of Marital Counseling Training – Counseling Couples in Conflict & Crisis, Apr 29 & 30, 2021

What do you like about the trainer? His sharing and interaction with the participants (Lim Mei Lee) The wealth of…

Feedback on Marital Counseling

We find Danny affable and down to earth, easy to connect with. He will not hesitate to point out your…

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